Understanding Bipolar disorder – Signs and symptoms

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Bipolar is a serious medical condition where you will experience unusual ups and downs.  The unusual mood swings and fluctuation in energy levels will not allow you to perform the daily activities. If diagnosed with bipolar, you will find very difficult to cope with life, it becomes really tough to manage relationships, job, and day to day tasks. The good news is bipolar is treatable and you can live a normal life. Though Bipolar is treatable, the symptom will get worse if it’s left unattended.  The symptoms of Bipolar should be recognized and treated as soon as possible; if ignored, it may even lead to suicide.

Bipolar is referred as manic depression that causes unusual fluctuation in mood and energy. During the highs of mania, you will be very energetic and feel active with very minimal sleep. On the contrary, during the low phase, you will be depressed and feel very sad. People being in the good and bad mood is normal, but bipolar cycles will last for weeks or even months. It’s different from normal mood swings, this type of manic will affect your ability to function.

Cause of Bipolar

Both men and women are equally affected by Bipolar. Bipolar strikes people who are in their late teens and in early adulthood. The cause is not very clear, however, it’s believed that it runs in families. People with a specific genetic make-up tend to develop bipolar and children with an affected parent or a sibling tends to develop bipolar. This complex disorder is developed due to both genetic and non-genetic factors. Certain life events can trigger Bipolar that includes childbirth, the sudden death of dear ones, drug abuse, insomnia, etc.

Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar

There are two episodes, namely manic episode and depressive episode. An extremely happy and excited state is termed as a manic episode and extremely sad and lonely state is termed as a depressive episode.  At times, you will experience both the episode symptoms, this is called a mixed state. The manic episode symptoms are given here:

Symptoms of manic episode

  • Feeling extremely happy
  • Racing thoughts
  • Involving in new activities
  • Being restless
  • Not feeling tired with minimal sleep
  • Feel like capable of doing anything
  • Impulsive behavior

Symptoms of depression episode

  • Feeling very sad and hopeless
  • Lack of interest in daily tasks
  • Unable to focus
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Drastic change in eating and sleeping
  • Thinking to commit suicide

Bipolar treatments

Bipolar should require a long- term treatments since it would relapse. So it’s recommended to take the medicines even when you are feeling normal. Some need medication really for a very long term or till lifetime to stay normal.

Medication alone can alleviate the symptoms and help you get back to normal. Drugs are available to treat bipolar. Therapies and lifestyle changes are also required to treat this condition. Above all, social support is very important.

Since this a peculiar type of disorder, you will surely need a psychiatrist to help.  Diagnosis is not easy and you would need an experienced and skilled psychiatrist to treat you. Medication should be supervised for safety reasons.

Managing bipolar

Dealing and living with bipolar isn’t easy, however, you can overcome bipolar with proper help, medical and social support.

Educate yourself: Read and learn about this medical condition. This will help and assist you to manage bipolar.

Don’t stress too much: Avoid stress and stay away from stressful situations. Do meditation and yoga to relax and calm your mind.

Check and monitor your mood: Monitor your symptoms and signs, this may help to prevent the episodes before it starts.

Lifestyle changes: Good sleep, healthy food, and exercise are essential to keep your mood normal.

People with bipolar can have a normal life like others. This condition is treatable and you can lead a healthy family life and perform well at work. Awareness, right diagnosis and right treatment are important to have a productive life with bipolar.

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