Pregnancy Depression and its Effects on Baby

Pregnancy Depression and fetus brain development

Pregnancy depression is a serious issue and women find it difficult to handle, studies reveal that 10 percent of the pregnant women suffer from depression. Most of the symptoms are overlooked and this condition is often undiagnosed leading to serious mental problems and also have an impact on the fetus. The symptoms of depression can appear slowly that include changing

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Understanding Bipolar disorder – Signs and symptoms

Bipolar first article two face mask

Bipolar is a serious medical condition where you will experience unusual ups and downs.  The unusual mood swings and fluctuation in energy levels will not allow you to perform the daily activities. If diagnosed with bipolar, you will find very difficult to cope with life, it becomes really tough to manage relationships, job, and day to day tasks. The good

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Postpartum depression – Not easy for women

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression – Not easy for women Postpartum depression occurs in mothers after childbirth.  Feeling sad and lonely following childbirth is common, this is known as baby blues. Normally, you will be eagerly awaiting and will be on cloud nine to hold your baby. However, in reality, it’s hard to travel this phase, it would be difficult to manage yourself

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Pregnancy and depression

pregancy and depression article 1

Pregnancy is one of the joyful period for women, but many feel stressed and confused at this time. If this fear and stress continue it may also lead to depression.  Depression also referred as mood disorder affects most of the women at some stage during their lifetime. Depression touches women during and after pregnancy and both the types are different.

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What are the types of depression?

Types of depression

What are the types of depression? Depression is like any other illnesses like heart diseases or diabetes, there are many types of depression and we have discussed the most common types here. Major depression disorder MDD or Major Depression disorder, this type is very common among many people and is also known as clinical depression and unipolar depression. The person

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What is depression? An overview


When you are sad for a while or a day or two is fine, however if it prolongs and affects your daily activities like working, performing household activities, eating and sleeping, then you need help. At the initial stages, it may not seem to be too serious, but left unattended would lead to serious conditions Today depression has become a

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