How to handle depressed spouse

How to handle depressed partner

Marriage and depression are quite a hard topic, depression may strike anybody at any time. What if your partner is depressed?  It’s tough to handle, but with patience, love and care both of you can overcome the difficult phase. This illness will take away the happiness and intimacy instead leaves resentment and loneliness. For few the beautiful relationship comes to an end, it’s up to you whether to make or break the relationship.

You may love your partner, but only love will not help. Responsibility, commitment, and acceptance are important to keep the relationship alive.  You should understand that depression is not a weakness or a fault of your partner, it’s the change in the brain chemistry. Your partner may experience some or many of the symptoms, this is when your partner would require your support and love. If you break the relationship, it may worsen their illness. Both of you should work together to overcome the illness.

It isn’t easy, you would equally undergo the pain and pressure and have more responsibility than your depressed partner. Your partner may act rude, behave badly and be unaffectionate, the intimacy level and sex life may go down. Frequent doctor visit, monitoring the symptoms, taking care of household activities will exhaust you but give up.  Here are a few tips which would help you:

  • Accept depression: Both of you should accept the illness and stop blaming each other, a small argument can also lead to big fights. Don’t hide, tell your partner about the illness and make them realize that they need help. Once both of you accept the situation, treatment and other things will fall into place.
  • Show your love and care: Express your love and feelings and make them feel secure. They will always have the fear that you might leave them. Say to your partner that everything will be fine and assure that you will be there for support.
  • Get help: Speak to your most trusted friends and relatives about the illness, this will make you feel relieved. Discuss with them to find the experienced psychiatrist. Find the appropriate support group and therapists who would listen to your problems and offer assistance.
  • Educate yourself: Many people end up ruining their relationship even their lives due to lack of awareness. Read about depression and learn how it will affect your partner’s behavior.
  • Be patient and tolerant: They may annoy you and at times can drive you crazy. Don’t get angry and handle your partner patiently.

Also, diagnosis and treatment process will take some time, don’t expect immediate results. The doctor would require time to read the symptoms before diagnosis. There are many types of depression and some of them share the same symptoms. So, follow the doctor’s instructions carefully, get medication and wait for results.

  • Give some time for yourself: Your partner needs more attention during this time, at the same time your health is also equally important. Try to get time for yourself and relax.

Globally, depression is increasing at an alarming rate, so there are many people like who struggle with this issue. Be a good trusted friend, supporting partner and act as a therapist. Remember, this is the time when your partner would need you badly. Just see depression as a passing cloud in your love journey.



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