What is depression? An overview


When you are sad for a while or a day or two is fine, however if it prolongs and affects your daily activities like working, performing household activities, eating and sleeping, then you need help. At the initial stages, it may not seem to be too serious, but left unattended would lead to serious conditions

Today depression has become a serious problem faced by people of all ages.  It affects people in different ways. Many people are afraid to reveal their mental illness because they feel ashamed and are reluctant to ask for help. 350 million of the world’s population is affected by this condition so if you have depression don’t be afraid because you are not alone.

Women are more prone to depression than men. They undergo several important events in their lives that include maternity and menopause. Apart from these, there are other factors like domestic violence, child abuse, poverty, and insecurity in life which creates not only severe stress but also leads to depression.

Signs and Symptoms

Initially, you learnt what is depression? Now let’s see the signs and symptoms of depression.  The cause of depression is not known clearly, however, it’s believed that psychological, biological and even social factors decide your mental well-being.

Not every life event is good, especially marriage, employment, relationship, etc. When those don’t happen as expected or turns bad it leads to stress. When people fail to handle the stress it causes depression.

When it runs in family

Depression can run in families, but it doesn’t mean that you will inherit it if your close relative or any one of your parents is affected.  Many other life circumstances can also influence your mental illness.

Personal traits

Some easily get affected due to their personality, especially if they worry a lot, sensitive to comments, and those who have a low self-image, and obsessed with loads of negative thoughts.

Other medical conditions

If you are unable to cope with other serious illnesses, then you are more likely to get depressed, specifically when you have severe long-lasting pain or undergo prolonged treatment.

Alcohol or Drug abuse

Alcohol or drug abuse is another serious problem that causes depression. People who abuse drugs have more chances to get anxiety and other forms of depression than other people.

Chemical imbalance

Depression is caused due to the chemical imbalance in the brain. The increase in the level of neurotransmitters in the brain that pass signals may trigger depression.


The Recent study reveals that 6.7 % of the US population are affected by mental illness and one in 10 Indians suffer depression.

Hope now you understand that depression is no more big word. It is a common problem which we can overcome with medical help and proper therapies.  There are many types of depression, don’t worry all the types are treatable.

When you have been diagnosed with depression, don’t panic and be afraid. First, convey it to your family members and seek the help of the psychiatrist. Symptoms of depression are not same for all, if you feel sad for a long time and feel hopeless, don’t ignore it. Depression diagnosed at early can be effectively treated. Even the depression diagnosed late can be treated, but will take some time. Self-awareness and education about depression are important. Above all, try to face problems confidently and never give up.



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